bike frames handmade from the best steel tubing

Hand made steel bike frames and complete bikes crafted one at a time, blending expertise in framebuilding, manufacturing and hard-core riding. Gellie Custom is me, Ewen Gellie. (Gellie has a hard 'G' like in Gear).

My handmade bicycle frames are light, solid and have a sweet lively ride.

The best materials, good looking design, created one at a time.

Stiff, lively and light, as only made-to-order lightweight steel can be.

See the latest frames in the Blog.

Every handmade bike frame I make fuses my Aussie-champion level mountainbiking, framebuilding and car-industry expertise as a professional mechanical engineer.

My custom bike frames feel more lively because I'm building a frame or complete bike just for you, not the heavier riders a mass-produced frame must be made for.

I can make a frame just for you, for almost any use; road, mountainbike, touring, fixie, track, randonneur.

I make these frames here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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