S and S Couplings: create the ultimate bike that you can easily take overseas.

S and S Machine make frame couplings that enable an otherwise standard frame to breakdown into two parts and be packed into a suitcase just big enough to hold a 700C wheel. They cannot be noticed when riding, and they actually stiffen and perhaps strengthen a frame, since they are affectively a stronger stiffer section of frame tube. By positioning them where frames typically don't fail, they effectively do not impact on the durability of the frame.

So planes, trains, cars, taxis or trams aren't so much of a problem as they can be with a standard bike.The ultimate bike, good enough to ride or race at home and have there with you on an overseas trip for exploring or to keep up your training. These couplings can be included with a new custom frame. Solid, beautiful and robust couplings that you'll forget are there till you disassemble the bike for packing. Air travel without the hassle of an oversize bike box or case.

Frames up to 63cm (road bike) can fit into the standard 10 inch case (inside dim's 250mm x 660mm x 660mm), which is just within the allowable case size for international flights: "....be checked onto an airline as regular baggage without an oversize charge......" The S and S case options are listed here on the S and S website, if you can arrange to get one yourself (the freight is a killer!). You could also purchase a hard case thorough me, make your first trip to the USA using a taped cardboard box and pick your hard case up at any location in the USA.

A typical frame with couplers gains only 235 grams for oversize tubes (28.6 & 31.7mm top & down tubes), or 260 grams for 'XL' size main tubes (31.7mm, 35mm top & down tubes). Gear and brake cables are joined by quick-connect joiners.

The 3D packing images below showing packing with the usual pipe-insulation foam padding left out to help you see the layout. I grabbed these images from the S and S website because they show how amazing these couplers are.

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