bike frames handmade from the best steel tubing


TIG welded or Fillet Brazed; Track, Road, 29er, 96er, MTB, Randonneur or Touring. All frame designs can be singlespeed or geared or can be made to suit Rohloff's internally geared hub, or to come apart for air travel; using Columbus, or TrueTemper tubing. I can make a frame with my geometry to suit your size, or a custom geometry frame to your favourite design for a bit extra.

All my frames are 'faced', 'chased' and treated inside with corrosion inhibitor: the headtube reaming and facing tool ensures perfect headset alignment, often never done well on production frames. The BB shell threads are cleaned up with an axial-guided thread tap to ensure they are perfect, and another facing tool is used on outer faces of the BB shell to ensure they are flat and square after the distortion that welding creates.

Have a read about my approach to building frames here

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A custom steel fillet-brazed road frame and fork for Barney in Queensland. Every joint is fillet-brazed including the Breezer rear dropouts, and the road-unicrown fork. ....more




Singlespeed frames with horizontal dropouts/fork-ends by Surly, Llewellyn with or without stainless facets to keep the paint nice, or Paragon. With a slotted disc mount designed that you can actually remove the rear wheel without having to unbolt the disc-caliper. Paragon sliding dropouts also available....more



Fixie/Track frames made of Columbus Zona or Life tubing. Fillet-brazed or TIG welded. Track horizontal fork-ends by Surly, Llewellyn or Paragon, with or without stainless facets....more




MTB frames made of Columbus Zona or Life tubing, fillet-brazed or TIG welded....more



My new 29er, with a bent seat-tube allowing short chainstays for even better handling. The short chainstays transform the handling of this 29er, making it easier to loft the front wheel and lift the rear wheel, with all the smooth-rolling benefits of a 29er in rough terrain .....more



Travel frame: road frame with S and S frame couplers.

S and S Machine make the original frame couplers that enable any type of otherwise standard frame to breakdown into two parts and be able to be packed into a suitcase just big enough to hold a 700C wheel..........more


Travel frame with Ritchey Breakaway frame joints

An alternative to the S and S couplers; a road or mountainbike frame can separate into two parts and most except larger size bikes can fit in a 'standard size' suitcase or box for air-travel and avoid excess baggage charges. These frame joints are lightweight, solid and robust as you'd expect of a Ritchey component. ....more


Frames to suit Rohloff's internally geared 14 speed hub

Rohloff-hub specific frames, commuting, Road, MTB using sliding dropouts, Paragon Sliding dropouts or Surly track fork ends combined with Rohloff's speedbone if you're running disc brakes. Frames made of Columbus Zona or Life tubing. Fillet-brazed or TIG welded. Track horizontal fork-ends by Surly, Llewellyn or Paragon, with or without stainless facets....more



Click here for a larger imageWith a 26" MTB rear wheel and 29er front wheel, this is the frame I've built for others, and would like to have for myself. The front end feels totally solid and stable while the smaller rear wheel retains the quicker response of a smaller-wheeled bike.



Frames with cantilever bosses for serious tyre clearance with bigger tyres. In Columbus Zona or Life, Fillet-brazed or TIG welded....more




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