bike frames handmade from the best steel tubing


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A road frame for Tony, of light-weight steel: Columbus' Life frame tubing with Sand S travel couplers... more




A Road frame for Simon, built of Columbus Life tubing, in a large 59.5 cm size, ..... more




Mick's Life tubing Road Frame and Fork..... more




Alex's Urban get-around rig.... more





Justin's commuter frame; a re-creation in thin-wall custom steel of his previous mass-produced frame that cracked prematurely at the seat-tube due to poor design. Built without that frame's design weakness, .........it will be solid and stiff, and at 100 grams less, more lively as well . ...more




A road frame for Cam M. to replace his cracked Ti frame. He's a big guy, 120 kg (265 lb.) and about 6'3". This frame will give him a good run. ... ...more




Cam's a big guy, 120 kg, and he's broken his last two frames at their fancy aluminium rear dropouts. This design will work with his weight, and give him the nice amount of flex and spring that a good steel frame has....more



tom's track frame ...more






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