bike frames handmade from the best steel tubing

I can make you a frame or a complete bike for any type of riding. Possible choices are: a frame only: a frame with my custom-made steel fork or an aftermarket carbon-fibre fork: a frame supplied with some components or a complete bike.

My frames are made one at a time to order and are come fully painted in 2-pack automotive paint with a clearcoat.


Frames start from $2750 in Columbus Zona tubing: with Tig welded construction, Stainless-steel Breezer vertical rear dropouts, with the option to retain or remove the standard rack/mudguard eyelets.

Step up to Columbus Life tubing + $300 - lighter, thinner, bling'er. My current 29er has a Life top-tube, seat-tube and chainstays; delicate but definitely off-road capable. A stronger material enables thinner tubing walls to give more of that sweet lively steel ride.

  • add $600 for Dario Pegoretti's excellent 'Falz' (sickle) fork in carbon-fibre. Available with its standard clearcoat finish, or painted; to match the frame colour +$70, another colour +$100.
  • Road disc forks in carbon-fibre from Columbus and Enve are available with a frame order. Ask me.
  • add $750 for a road lugged-crown steel fork, custom-made of Columbus Road fork blades and TrueTemper's LT steerer.
  • add $750 for a steel MTB unicrown fork, TIG-welded (Columbus Road unicrown fork blades, TrueTemper LT steerer).

Frame finish:

Frames come finished in a single colour paint finish with a black or white panel and a black or white decal with the rear dropout axle contact surfaces paint-masked. Additional colours are an option at +$100 per colour as are more complex finishes. All frames have bearing faces and threads reamed/faced/chased and are treated internally against corrosion. Corrosion won't be a problem unless you regularly leave your bike outside in the weather, or do not store your bike in a dry place after wet rides. A small drain hole is drilled in the underside of the BB shell which is the best method of clearing any moisture that enters the frame. All frames are treated inside with a water-displacing anti-corrosion spray, which should be applied twice yearly and more often to suit the conditions.

My paint finish is a high-quality automotive two-pack including a clear coat over the decals. This finish is very high gloss, just as with a car.

Frame styles offered:

On-road; track, fixie, road, randonneur, touring: with lugged fork, Columbus road steel fork, or a carbon-fibre fork.

Offroad; choose from Cyclocross, MTB: thin-wall steel unicrown forks constructed with TrueTemper tubing are available.

Complete bikes are made to order, or I can supply and install headset, suspension forks and stem with a frame.

Frame construction:

All frames take a 27.2 mm seatpost, an 1 1/8" steerer fork and include an external seatpost-clamp. (1" threadless steerer also available) and the BB shells are English threaded.

Frame options:

Frames now come with Breezer hooded rear-dropouts in stainless-steel with the option to keep/remove the rack/mudguard eyelets including masked paint at the rear-wheel axle clamping surface.

44mm headtubes for tapered steerer forks, on road or off-road frames. No extra charge.

Rack bosses and extra braze-ons from $30-$40 extra.

Sliding or swinging adjustable dropouts for singlespeed or Rohloff from + $190.

A Travel frame built with the newer BTC2 S and S frame couplings allowing frames up to 63cm* to come apart to fit into a suitcase, that simplifies air-travel and can avoid the hassle and possible excess baggage fee that bicycle cases can attract on international flights: + $850 per pair built-into a new frame: the price includes the latest BTC2 coupler with rubber seals, quick-connect cable connectors for gear and brake cables, 2 'lightweight' coupler spanners, high-tech stainless-steel grease and the masking of couplers during painting. This is an upgrade option available with the purchase of a frame; I do not take orders for adding couplers to an existing frame.

I can offer packing accessories for travel bikes; velcro fabric tube protectors, case compression struts, the S and S fabric backpack case. The S and S hard-case can be also be purchased if you can take delivery in the USA to save on scary freight costs to Australia. The 10" Combination Edge Pull / Side Pull, Butterfly Latch Case is the best, found halfway down this page.

Rohloff 14 speed internally geared rear hub: there are several possible frame set-ups for the Rohloff internally geared 14 speed rear hub. Contact me and I'll suggest the best solution of the many options that best suits your needs.


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