bike frames handmade from the best steel tubing


I make steel frames and bikes one at a time. Tig welded, or fillet-brazed, with fully customised geometry and braze-ons just for you.

Each frame is built to tight alignment tolerances through the welding process. The bottom bracket and headset mounting surfaces a carefully dressed (faced) with precision cutting tools, and the bottom bracket threads are prepared with a precision self-aligning thread tap tool (chased) before painting, i.e. "faced and chased". The frame is sand-blasted with garnet material to ensure cleanliness for optimum paint adhesion then sent to be painted. Orders are being completed in 10-14 weeks with that time-frame varying a little as each frame is totally unique, and I can get waves of orders, sometimes three in the same week.

You can think of a frame-order as a collaboration to make a cutting-edge steel frame to suit you out of carefully selected combinations of light-weight steel tubing; lightweight tubing combinations that aren't used on production frames because the heavy-for-their-height customers invariably break a good percentage of them. Because I get to know your requirements, I can make a design that will work just for you. The result will weigh 5-25% less than a production steel frame, which is also a good measure of the additional spring and desireable absortion I can offer as part of the design which lets you ride longer and arrive feeling less beaten-up.

All frames are priced 'faced and chased' and painted in two pack auto paint with a clear-coat.

With a few emails or discussions on the phone, we can establish the type of frame or complete bike that suits your needs.

I run and update this website myself to give you a glimpse into how it all comes together.

  We can arrive at a frame design a number of ways;
  • one of my standard designs: choose from fixie, track, 29er, mtb, road-racing, sport-road, randonneur, touring, cyclocross, 96er. and I'll recommend geometry for your frame size.
  • a standard design adjusted to your saddle-to-handlebar and saddle-to-bottom-bracket-axle measurements.
  • a design developed from a Topbike Fit by physiotherapists Emma or Rosie of Topbike Physio- Topbike Fit. Rider strength, range of motion and injury issues are assessed, current bike setup is measured and video capture is used to assess pedal technique, posture and positioning on the bike. You must take your existing bike with you for a Bike Fit.

Along with frame dimensions, we decide on frame tubing, frame parts and the method of constructing the frame.

If you're interested in going ahead, I use BikeCAD to display the proposed design and email it to you to check it out, along with a form to record the things you'd like. The BikeCAD drawing can also show fit-dimensions such as saddle to handlebar distance which you can use to compare with your current bike.




A deposit is required and I start the build process. As part of buying one of my frames, you're welcome to come out and meet me and see where it all happens.

Once you decide to go ahead with a frame order, I ask for:

  • deposit: 40% of the finished frame price will get you onto the queue (if you are ordering a fully custom designed frame then you have already paid 10% and therefore only an additional 30% is needed).
  • weld-payment: * another 30% (payable within 2 days) when the frame is welded and ready for painting and I email pictures of it to you.
  • the balance: * 30% (payable within 2 days) when the painting is completed and I've sent you photos of it.
  • * payments of the 2nd and 3rd amounts within 2 days is the terms of the arrangement for these made-to order products. I prefer not to factor into my prices the cost of an overdraft to cover late payment, one of many ways I keep my overheads low and my prices keen for you.

Delivery of the frame to you can be arranged for $60-$100 around Australia.

When I receive your deposit, I organise all the tubes and frame parts I need. For most frames I'll have all the parts, while some frames may need special tubes and we will be waiting about a week or two for the parts to arrive. By then you will have moved up the queue a little. Once built, the frame is 'faced and chased' then painted.

The detail - the ways you can order a frame;

  • I email you my frame design geometry for the frame type you're looking into and you choose the size; choose from fixie, 29er, mtb, road-racing, sport-road (more relaxed angles), randonneur (light-touring), touring, cyclocross, track, mtb, 96er.
  • a standard design adjusted to your saddle to handlebar and BB-axle measurements. For example I can make in-between size frames or lengthen a top-tube if you have a long torso.
  • your design that I've checked over and approved: for the customer who has worked-out a very specific geometry they would like custom made in lightweight steel; I can create it, usually for $50 over the price of one of my standard frame designs. Complex designs are costed accordingly.
  • For a more detailed custom frame design (from $100 extra) I can work with a few simple body measurements of yours to create a design just for you according to widely recognised design methods. There's no magic, just knowledge that has taken me an enormous amount of time to collect, consolidate and be satisfied that it makes sense. For a more detailed bike-fit for restricted flexibility, injuries or pain, I can recommend the fit specialists mentioned above.



Ewen Gellie


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